Established in 1981, NORTH SHORE COURT REPORTERS maintains the highest and strictest standards when it comes to our clients and the law. We have a solid reputation for being responsive, dedicated, and thorough which stems from an unyielding work ethic and thirst for knowledge. The more we know, the better an asset we are to you.

It is not a stretch to say we live and breathe court reporting. Nothing is more important to us than our commitment to providing THE TRANSCRIPT.


               It's not a secret that planning and preparation pays off.

               At NORTH SHORE COURT REPORTERS, we place an emphasis on details, as that is what allows us to provide you with the best and single point of content for all litigation needs. 

               As a full-service court reporting office, our goal is to provide you with excellence in every legal situation. We make it a point to pair you and your case with the most skilled and experienced Court Reporter.   This is our way of ensuring your case gets the proper attention you and your staff demand.

              When you work with North Shore Court Reporters, you gain the stability of a firm that is known for reliability, quality and experience.